How to get and keep your law firm web site in the top 10 search results

Not easy any more after the latest Google's drastic Panda update. However, there are some strategies that survive.

We all know the basics of Search Engine Optimization (SEO):

Keywords - Content - Inbound Links - Headers.. and so on.

In spite of implementing the top SEO tactics - many law firm websites fail to reach the much coveted top 10 ranking in search engine results.

Search for a practice area and/or state you see the same lawfirms listed on page one.

How do they get there? AND stay there?

Some of the law firms you see listed in the top 10 results in Google and other search engines have a secret. They have lawfirm practice area mini-sites that are targeted to each of the firm's practice areas - and often geographical focused.

Having worked with small law firms since 1999, one of the most difficult challenges we face is that most law firms have multiple practice areas.

This makes it very difficult to get a top 10 search engine ranking. The reason is that search engines just don't know what the site is all about. So it averages out all the keywords - resulting in rank diluting.

The solution is in four parts:

Get an initial review of your site to determine if our strategy will help you get better ranking in search engines. If we find your site performs well, we will tell you so.
An in-depth review of your main site to ensure it is as search engine optimized as it can be. We will suggest improvements that you can pass on to your web designer.
Build one or several mini-sites for each practice area. Sites that have a razor sharp focus.

The selection of keywords is very important. Research and use keywords much searched on, but with few sites in the search results.

Each mini-site will have a link to the appropriate practice area of your main site thus increasing visibility and ranking.
Here's the real value of this strategy:
We operate websites related to lawyer practice areas and will provide instant links to the mini site(s). Your sites will get indexed by search engines in as little as 2 weeks. We will also link to your main site. Links are properly formatted and one-way.


We no longer take on law firm sites.
Domain name selection/registration
Site development, 6-8 pages of content either from your main site or generic content in the public domain - highly search engine optimized
Keyword research and selection for each site/practice area
At least 15 one-way inbound links from related sites into each mini-site AND your main site. All mini-sites will link into your main site.
Free hosting for 12 months -$30/quarter afterwards (optional)

"Many people have web sites, but they don't have a clue as to how the web site gets noticed or picked up on search engines.  You have the ability to do this."
Jim DeMartino, Lawyer.

"Ingvar is a genius at designing websites for effective marketing of legal services"
Thomas D. Begley, JR.


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